Can I Wear a Wig to the Gym?

Can I Wear a Wig to the Gym?

Crossdressing shouldn’t stop you from exercise in at the gym. Exercise is great way to de-stress, tone, become feminine, and get healthy. Unfortunately, body dysphoria can leave a person feeling uncomfortable, vulnerable or unsure of while crossdressing. Wearing a wig adds a feeling of security, femininity, and comfort by giving you the power to choose how people see you. However, wearing a wig to the gym does pose some problems. If you sweat, a wig can leave you feeling overheated and uncomfortable. Plus if your wig is not secured properly, you may pose the risk of your wig falling off during your workout. The main questions are: can I wear my wig to the gym? Is it ok to exercise in my wig? 

Answer: Yes, you can wear your wig to the gym with the right preparation, but you need to be prepared for your wig to potentially wear quicker than some of your other wigs, due to sweat and also potentially any rough styling that may occur.

However, there are a few things you should know about exercising in your wig. We’re here to give you the deets on how to wear a wig at the gym, what to look for in a gym wig, and what alternatives are available.

How to Choose the Best Crossdressing Wig for Exercise?

Is your wig exercise and gym-ready? These are the features you should be looking for in a wig:

Use Synthetic Hair Wigs

Synthetic wigs are the best choice for your gym attire because:

  1. Synthetic wigs are much cheaper than human hair making them a more cost-efficient option. Your wig will become sweaty and gross during while you workout, so you will using a cheaper option in case the wig gets damaged is a better option.
  2. Synthetic hair is easier to care for. It’s easier to get the original style of your wig back. Synthetic hair has a “memory” when it comes to its original style so you can give it a wash and it will be good to go.
  3. Synthetic hair is more lightweight in comparison to human hair wigs. There is less pressure on your scalp, less overheating from your exercise, and an overall more comfortable workout.

Wear a Short Hair Wig

Long hair at the gym can be rough in general for all genders. Not to mention it can be dangerous if the hair gets caught on something while you are working out. Most people at the gym are always pulling it up in a ponytail or braiding it to keep it out of their face. Going with a short hair wig will make it so much more comfortable. Alternatively, you can tie your long wig up in a ponytail to keep it out of your way.

Wigs with Wefts

Use an open or classic style cap. Classic and open wig caps contain wefting with hair attached which adds ventilation, giving you a more airy, less sweaty feel. You will need as much ventilation and airiness as possible to keep yourself from overheating.

Use Older Wigs

Do you have an older wig lying around? Wear it before you go to the gym! Older wigs are great to keep around for when you know you’re going to work up a sweat or in situation where you do not care if they get accidentally damaged.

How to secure your Gym Wig?

When doing any form of exercise, you need to feel comfortable and safe in the knowledge your wig is as secure as can be before you start.

Wear a cap

Wearing a hat is a great choice for exercise, you just need to place cap over your wig. If you have a wig that can no longer be restored for day to day wear, make it your gym wig and hide the damage with a cap. If you happen to have a ball cap, it can be a good way to secure your wig

Use wig clip, wig tape, and/or headband

While you are working out, all that movement and tension is pulling on your hair. You need to secure your wig properly, otherwise you will probably experience accidental slipping. Makes sure your wig straps, clips or combs are securely in place. For added safety, wig tape, wig tape, and /or a headband are recommended. Even the wig tape loses stickiness, the headband can still keep the wig on your head. You can also add a few bobby pins at the ear tab to keep your wig in one spot.

Wear a breathable cotton or bamboo wig cap

We suggest a wearing a wig cap under your wig for added comfort. Wearing a wig cap, such as a cooling bamboo cap or a breathable cotton cap that can absorb sweat and moisture to keep your wig cleaner. The benefit of using a wig cap is that you can just toss the wig cap in the washing machine and save yourself a shampooing!

Wear a Wig Gel Band

Wearing a gel band under your wig is another way to create a more secure fit. A gel band is super comfortable, stays cool, and grips onto your scalp and wig to hold your hairpiece securely in place.

How to care for your Gym Wig?

Wash it frequently

If you’re going to the gym in your wig, you will sweat. The lining of your wig will absorb sweat. If you constantly wear the same wig without washing, it will get smelly and develop an odor from your sweat. The best way to protect your wig from excessive sweating or damage is to keep it clean through frequent washing.

If you want to get rid of the smell really quickly, you can use a skin toner to freshen up any unwanted odors for the lining or you can spray on dry shampoo. This method will not get rid of the odor completely. The best solution is always washing your wig frequently and keep it clean.

What are alternatives to a gym wig?

There are other alternatives to a gym wig that still makes you look feminine!

Hats or Bandanas

Go with a classic hat or bandana, and stick with cotton or bamboo viscose fabrics to give you a more breathable fit and feel. Bamboo viscose is a stretchy fabric that feels cool against the head.

Hats with a ponytail headband

If you would like some hair, a ponytail headband works wonders. The ponytail headband is a headband with a ponytail attached to the back. A ponytail headband is designed to be paired with just about any baseball cap for a secure, sporty look. Another perk of the ponytail headband is the headband that is soft, stretchy, and moisture wicking.

Check out our full guide on the best ways to secure a wig and also some top tips on wearing a wig during sporting activities.