Guide to Achieving Maximum Feminization

Guide to Achieve Maximum Feminization

What does it mean to feminize a man?

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary definition, feminization is defined as: (1) to give a feminine quality (such as appearance) to or (2) to cause (a male or castrate) to take on feminine characters (as by implantation of ovaries or administration of estrogens).

How to become feminized?

This site is not for those who wish to permanently change their gender, but rather for those who wish to feminize temporarily, though sometimes repeatedly and regularly, in order to proficiently crossdress as a woman.

This feminization guide is for everyone who wants to become feminine in appearance and character. Use this guide as part of the beautiful evolution process towards feminization. We aim to cover all the aspects of eliminating masculinity and masculine traits that set men apart from women that make men less feminine than they could ultimately be.

The Beautiful Evolution will demasculinize anything that may have had a masculine overtone as a male, and it will also aid the feminized male to feel more sensual and sexy in a feminine role. We will covers eliminating the things that keep a man from becoming as fully feminized.

Embracing the Feminine Lifestyle

We will teach you the routines and how to maintain a feminized male body. Embrace crossdressing and your crossdressing tendencies whether it is at the request of your wife, mistress, or your own whims for whatever the reason may be from a female-led relationship, cuckoldry, male chastity, forced crossdressing, submissive training, sissy training, or purely your own desire to become feminine. Become a diligent student who incorporates the information in this site with passion and drive and you will become the perfect crossdresser that is as fully feminized as possible.

You should be able to proudly display how feminine you have become to anyone. Embrace the great pleasures and satisfaction that results from full feminization. It is a time consuming journey and will require dedication and diligence in order to feminize. Beware of the time and resources necessary to embrace the beautiful evolution into femininity, feminization, and crossdressing.

Use this site as your set of easy-to-follow instructions, ideas, and useful suggestions on how to quickly and easily achieve a feminine look. We will go over various important feminization tips regarding body hair, choosing your female name, how to properly disguise your private parts, how to enhance your figure for a more curvy look, how to apply makeup, and the importance of feminine hands and feet, etc.