Guide to Cleavage Creation and Breast Forms for Crossdressing

Guide to Cleavage Creation and Breast Forms for Crossdressing

Displaying cleavage is important to be femme and who would like to look as realistic as possible. However, creating realistic cleavage is hard without undergoing serious surgery. Surgery would offer a permanent solution, but many crossdressers cannot use this option because they cannot be feminine looking 24/7, and breast enhancement surgery is very expensive.

There are many ways to create cleavage such as tape, under bust lifts, and stick on bras. However one of the easiest and best methods to create some quick cleavage is to use breast forms and breastplates. We will go through each of these methods so you know the pros and cons of each.

Use Cleavage Enhancers for Crossdressing

Cleavage enhancers work by collecting all the excess skin and chest tissue on the chest, and pushing it up and out. This process makes it look like you have natural cleavage because it’s taking your actual flesh and forcing it into a natural cleavage form. Again, you can enhance your natural cleavage with breast forms that fit your body shape.

When using a cleavage creator you want to make sure what you are wearing is tight to your body to make sure that all the chest flesh stays lifted. If your cleavage enhancer is loose even a little, the cleavage effect will not last long because the flesh will move back to its natural position. So, make sure your clothing or bra is tight enough, or else, you will be lifting and adjusting your chest all night long.

You can also pair cleavage enhancers with a pocket bra with any size breast forms. Just put your breast forms on right over your cleavage creator.

?Tip: You may want to add some adhesive to inside of the bra to ensure your chest stays lifted all night.?

Use Stick on Bras to Create Cleavage

These bras work great on chests of all thickness levels. No matter how much flesh you have on your chest these cleavage creators can create a natural looking cleavage easily. They both come with adhesive already attached to the pads. All you do is, take off the protective layer and apply the pads one at a time unattached, to the outsides of your breasts. When they are both on your chest and look evenly placed, pull the two clips together and attach the hooks. This will push the flesh together creating a natural cleavage look.

If you combine this with a padded bra, you can enhance your cleavage even further! You can also wear your silicone breast forms on top or you can layer multiple pairs of the stick on bras for a cheap effective full bust and cleavage.

Use Chest Tape to Create Cleavage

Kinetic tape usually works the best for people with a lot of flesh on their chest. However, tape still works well for others with a slimmer build. Applying the tape right under the pectorals to lift up your chest and create cleavage.

Unlike other cleavage creators, tape does not have any straps or inserts that you need to hide. The tape creates a smooth transition unlike the cleavage creators which can cause unwanted armpit bulge. Tape is easy to put on but can be tricky getting off of the body; some have reported skin irritation when removing tape. Wider tape is ideal for cleavage tape because it limits the creation of lines and bulges. Depending on how much flesh you have on your chest and how big you are going for, you could wear this look with just a bra or breast forms.

The Best Realistic Cleavage – Breasts Forms

What are Breast Forms?

Breast forms are prosthetic breasts that crossdressers and femmes choose to wear underneath their everyday clothing. There are many different kinds of forms that range in quality, shape, and material. Some breast form styles are contoured to create a smooth transition from body to form and can be worn directly against the skin, tucked inside a bra, or even worn as a full on chest plate. There are two types of general breast forms, individual breast forms that are available in symmetrical and asymmetrical designs or all-in-one breastplates.

The best thing about breast forms is there ability to produce cleavage on their own  To create a nice full bust with cleavage, breast forms can be worn to create a proper wow-effect.

How to Choose Breast Forms

Freestyle Breast Forms

These silicone breast forms are typically symmetrically shaped, meaning that the two forms are interchangeable. They usually have a slightly concave shape which adds to their versatility. They sit well against flatter breast tissue as well as being able to curve to conform to more rounded tissue. These breast forms can be attached directly to the skin with the help of an adhesive or without adhesive with a variety of bra styles. You can use a breast form bra which allows to put these breast forms inside the front panels of a breast form bra.

Breast Form with Double-Sided Tape

Breast forms with double-sided tape offers great support and creates a bra-free option. In order to attach breast forms, this tape is applied to the back of each form and then each form is held against the skin to help it stick it to your chest.

Silicone Breastplates

Silicone breastplates have an overall realistic look enhanced by darker nipples and areola and silicone breastplates can provides a seamless appearance for crossdressers with a bit of blending with makeup which makes them a great addition to any beginner crossdresser’s wardrobe.

Silicone breastplates are typically soft and flesh-like which has a more realistic touch. These breastplates are virtually undetectable. Simply slip the plate on and enjoy your new and improved natural cleavage. It is a good alternative without the worry of using adhesives. When wearing a silicone breastplate, you should choose clothing that covers your shoulders otherwise you will be spending time doing a bit more makeup to cover up your shoulder seams. If you would prefer to wear strapless clothing, you may find freestyle breast forms more to your liking.

Other Considerations when Choosing Breast Forms

Breast Sizing Advice

As a crossdresser, you can present your feminine identity in many forms. You may choose to ooze sexy appeal or up the elegance of your look depending on the occasion or mood. No need to choose just one look. With breast forms, you can also increase or decrease size depending on your situation because you can choose different breast forms to modify your appearance to be more voluptuous with a larger bust line or more demure with a smaller bust depending on your mood.

The size of bust you want should be determined by factors such as body shape and size, type of clothes you want to wear, your personality, and your intended objective when dressing. If you want to pass as realistically as possible as a woman then you should purchase breast forms which are proportionate to your actual body size, but if you want to go for the bimbo appeal then you should purchase larger breast forms.

Choosing a size of breast forms is a process that is a little bit different for each femme, but we’ve got a couple of guidelines to help out with this.

Establish your bra band size

Use a tape measure and measure the circumference of your torso, just underneath the armpits. If you end up with an odd number (in inches), go down to the closest even number. This is your bra band size.

How to Measure your Bra Band Size:

  1. Take a regular tape measure and hold around your chest underneath the pectoral muscle – this is usually 2 to 3 inches below the nipple and where the regular band on a bra sits on the chest.
  2. Hold the tape firm and ensure it is level all the way around to be certain of an accurate measure. If soft skin overlaps the tape you are holding it too tight though.
  3. Mark the point at which the tape meets and if an odd number then size up to the next even number.
  4. You measure, for example, 34″. Add to this number 4 inches to calculate the accurate bra band measurement for yourself; in this case, 34″ + 4″ = 38″ bra band.

Pick a Cup Size

When picking an ideal cup size, a lot of people like to take into consideration their general body size and stature. While size and stature aren’t always an indicator of breast size, someone with a larger frame might opt for a larger cup size – and thus, larger breast forms than someone who is on the more petite side. Just choose what appeals to you! After all, one of the perks of choosing products like breast forms is that you can choose whatever size you want!

As a general guide:

  • B = small cup size
  • C = medium cup size
  • D = large cup size
  • DD = very large cup size

Remember that you want to create a female shaped bust that not only fills out garments correctly but that it also helps minimize the effect of male looking shoulders.

Situational Considerations

If you only dress indoors or discreetly, you can make use of any bust size. If you plan to go out in public, then you will want to consider that larger size breast forms draw more attention than smaller forms when venturing out. Feel free to turn some heads though! Also if you purchase breast forms too large for your frame then not only can you have difficulty finding clothing to fit you correctly, but you may also project a persona that you do not intend and even attract some unwanted attention.

Having Options

Many crossdressers will have several pairs of breast forms in different sizes for wearing with different outfits and for different occasions. For example, wearing daytime clothing to blend in and be passable will require a more conservative choice in your cup size. However, night time club wear and fun party occasions may give the opportunity to be bigger-busted and more over-the-top.

Just as cup size will affect the look you end up with so can the shape of the breast forms. For example, a rounded triangle shape will project 25 to 30% more than a teardrop or oval even in the same size. So too will the amount of concave there is on the back of forms. Do your research and make sure you find the correct breast forms to match the size your body needs.